Katharine Valentino, Writer, Editor, Publisher

Katharine Valentino, Writer, Editor, Publisher

Hello. I am Katharine Valentino, owner of I Write [and Edit] for You. Have you been wanting to write something but are not sure how to go about it? Or have you begun the writing process but got bogged down somewhere? You want to be clear and compelling. You want content that connects. Or maybe you just want to make sure you have all the semicolons and capital letters in the right places.

I can work with you in one of two ways:

You Talk; I Type and Edit

If you have not yet begun the writing process, you can dictate to me. as a writer, I’ll type what you say as you say it, asking you questions about anything that isn’t clear or that might be expanded to make it more interesting. Together, we can find the best way to say exactly what you want to say.

You Write; I Edit

If you’ve already written something, I can work as an editor for you, reviewing it for correct English grammar and punctuation and to ensure that it is says what you want it to say. If you like,

I Also Pubish

I can also take care of formatting, insertion of pictures and publishing.

My Experience

I have more than two decades of experience as a newspaper reporter and managing editor; a magazine features writer; a technical communicator; a memoir writer and editor; an article, blog and poetry editor; and a book publisher. Many years ago, I attained a bachelor’s degree in journalism “with high distinction” from Indiana University at Bloomington, then one of the five best journalism schools in the country. Later, during a decade when I worked at IBM, I was awarded joint IBM/Brainbench master’s level certifications in Written English and English vocabulary. I also have additional accreditations in technical writing and in information management.

Now, I work mostly part time. When I’m inspired, I write, usually creative nonfiction.


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