Most of the thousands of non-creative non-fiction works I have written or edited are,… well,… boring. Who wants to read about Automatically Programmed Tool, vehicle management and allocation, federal acquisition regulations, management decision support, accounting and the like?

A few examples of the hundred-or-so articles and blogs I’ve written since retiring from full-time drudgery may be more interesting.

From Shy to Sociable

Shyness is a real and often painful problem, but there are some things you can do to feel more comfortable and confident around other people. Almost half of all the people in the United States are awkward and unsure in social situations. More than 10 percent suffer from painful shyness… Continue

Don’t Remember Much?

Memories can be brought to life again through the sense of smell. “I remember holding my first baby in my arms. This was back in 1943, November. The nurse had just settled my child, my baby, into my arms, and I was inspecting all those fingers and toes I had… Continue

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