I’ve edited books of poetry by Charles R. Castle Jr. and C. Steven Blue and hundreds of individual poems by Adam Levon Brown, Andrew Gonzales, Barbara Newman, Dan Sanz, Darlene Colborn, David Valentino, Diane DeVillers, Donna Taggart, Edwin Wollet, Every (Second) Woman, Howard W. Robertson, Jacob Martin, James Higgins, Janet McReynolds, Jeanette Stone Bishop, Jennifer Rowan, Joan Dobbie, Joshua Mertz, Karen Phelps, Kris Bluth, Laura LeHew, Lee Darling, Leo Rivers, Marv Himmel, Maureen Buckley, Michael Hess, Michael J. Barker, Patrice Dotson, Patricia Hampton, Patty Hanchett, Paul van Peenen, Rachel Rich, Ruth LeFevre, Ryan Goodrich, Sandy Brown Jensen, Sharon Lask Munson, Shasta Hatter, Shelly Miller, Toni Hanner, Wayne Martin and Wayne Westfall.

I’m not a poet, myself. I have, however, written six poems. Count ’em below.

Two Cinquains

A cinquain, in poetry, is five unrhymed lines in a 2-4-6-8-2 pattern. Line 1 must be a noun with 2 syllables. Line 2 must be 2 adjectives with a combined 4 syllables, which describe the noun. Line 3 must be 3 -ing words with a combined 6 syllables, which describe the noun. Line 4 must be an 8-syllable phrase or sentence about the noun. Line 5 must be a word (or two) in 2 syllables and must rename the noun. So:

Alive, Fertile
Rippling Surging Gasping
Our river gives birth to all life
* * *
Yes! Yes!
Perfect, Profound
Willing, loving, giving
The very best word in the world
Just so

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And Again

Gray gusts. Rain comes at last.
Dull drifts and comes up bright.
Clouds are clean now.
Sky is safety.
The sun sings for me again.
My voice rings for you again.


Don’t push me into that
It’s flickering
Bickering with me
No! I am too
I will burn!

This is no
But wait! It’s no
It’s just my own
I’m not even here
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